Helianthemum apenninum - Rock rose

Photos Helianthemum apenninum - Rock rose

Fertilization Helianthemum apenninum : In autumn letís add some organic fertilizer or granular slow release fertilizer to the soil surrounding the perennials. These plants often have a period of vegetative rest in the winter; the fertilizer will be useful for the spring vegetative reawakening.

Exposure Helianthemum apenninum

continental : plant which needs to be exposed to direct sunrays.
The Helianthemum apenninum is a rustic plant, which doesnít tolerate the winter cold, even when the nocturnal temperatures are very low.

alpine : Let's locate the The Helianthemum apenninum in a very luminous place, preferably sunny.
The Helianthemum apenninum can stand the cold, therefore it can be grown outdoors year round.

mediterranean : These plants favour sunny exposures, where they can enjoy, even for the whole day, some direct solar rays.
Grow the The Helianthemum apenninum in the garden, in full ground; it can stand the cold.

Watering Helianthemum apenninum

continental : Letís water every 0-1 weeks with 3-4 glasses of water, or even more often if the weather is hot and dry; we should always try to keep the ground slightly damp.

alpine : Water regularly, every 1-2 weeks, wetting the soil thoroughly by using 2-3 glasses of water and keeping it always a bit moist, although avoiding to soak it too much.

mediterranean : For a balanced development these plants need constant and abundant dampness; during this time of year it is good to water frequently, about 4-5 glasses of water at least every -0-0 weeks.

Treatments Helianthemum apenninum : During the cold months many pathogens spend the winter in the ground, at the feet of our plants; letís treat the plants struck by black spot disease or by leaf curl disease with particular attention by applying a wide-range anticryptogamic treatment, to vaporize even on the ground. Letís gather and destroy the leaves of the sick plants.

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